1/77th Scale Millennium Falcon - Heavily modified and Lit!

This is a 1/77th Scale Millennium Falcon from the old MPC kit. Most of us are aware of the many inaccuracies of this particular kit. MPC was attempting to emulate the 5 foot model from the original 1977 release. The 5' model was later modified for episode V, but ended up being to large and cumbersome for the desired motion control maneuvers, so a smaller and much lighter 3' version was built, along with a 2 inch version built in scale to the 8' Star Destroyer. The modifications on this kit were to make it somewhat more accurate to the 3' model. I made resin copies of the 1/82nd scale Fine Molds kit side walls, which fit perfectly except a small scratch-built segment was needed for the outboard docking mandibles. The overall length of the kit is slightly less than the Bandai Perfect Grade kit, which is where the 1/77th scale calculation comes from. I used the original side walls, plus some additional panels etc. to detail out all five landing gear bays, after scratch-building the forward ones. Many exterior greeblies were added, mainly on the engine deck and under the engine grill. Additionally, the original dish, being too large, was thrown in to the greeblie pile, and a new episode VII version was built from scratch. A total of 56 LEDs light the gear bays, engine grill, cockpit, flood, navigation and head lamps, and are controlled by three separate switches located on the aft, left quarter sidewall. The model was primed with red oxide to take care of the remaining light leaks, then again with a flat white cover coat before applying the light grey base coat. I used four different panel colors, dull red, gray, yellow, and light tan/gray. Two, (both enamel and acrylic) washes were used before chalk pastels and a final matte acrylic clear coat applied.

Photo: Initial modifications

Photo: Adding forward gear bays

Photo: Side wall supports

Photo: Gun controls, bays

Photo: Interior corridor

Photo: New legs

Photo: Checking fit

Photo: Cockpit interior

Photo: Engine grill

Photo: Different angle

Photo: LEDs, box installed

Photo: Lighting test

Link: 1/246th scale Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport

Photo: Cockpit installed

Photo: Innards, lighting test

Photo: Bottom, lighting test

Photo: Headlamp test

Photo: Testing NAV lights

Photo: Parts: built, modified

Photo: Bottom details complete

Photo: Top greeblies finished

Photo: Engine deck close-up

Photo: Primer & white applied

Photo: Again, bottom side

Photo: Light gray basecoat

Photo: Again, top side

Photo: Another lighting test

Photo: Gear complete, weathered

Photo: Panels, and rust spots

Photo: Pastel streaks added

Photo: Complete & Lighted

Photo: Side view

Photo: Underneath grill

Photo: Looking up ramp

Photo: Cockpit bottom details

Photo: Port side, overall

Photo: Top side details

Photo: Dish details

Photo: Gun area details

Photo: Port side details

Photo: Head on, lighted

Photo: Engine grill, lit

Photo: Desktop shot

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