1/246th Scale Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport

This is the 1/246th Scale Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport from the MPC Hoth set. Arguably, the Transport is closer to 1/350th scale and should be somewhere around twice its size to be in scale with the Falcon. The X-wings are pretty close to 1/288th scale. The Snowspeeders are a bit too big, but fairly accurate. Everything else in the kit is good for greeblies. A while back, there was an article in Starship Modeler detailing how to accurize the Falcon and Transport. I decided to take it a step further and add lighting. The Falcon is lit with three white LEDs, with two small fiber optic strands feeding the docking mandibles. There is a diffuser and a photo etched "grill" aft of the 3 LEDs. The transport is lit with three 5mm, and four 3mm, white LEDs.

Photo: Falcon lighting test

Photo: Photo etched "grill"

Photo: "Headlights"

Photo: Transport parts

Photo: JB Kwik extention

Photo: Aft cutout details

Photo: Recessed areas installed and hull edges notched out

Photo: Again, topside

Photo: Engine area and lower panel support structure

Photo: One bottom panel installed and command pod modified with JB Kwik

Photo: Command pod in place and resin casting of the containers

Photo: Containers in place, with oak base

Photo: From astern

Photo: Looking aft

Photo: Overall with stand sockets installed

Photo: Pretty much done, except for final finish

Photo: Top view

Photo: Belly

Photo: Engines

Photo: Overall, from astern

Photo: Base coat, overall, bottom

Photo: Base coat, overall, top

Photo: Belly, greeblie trough fully weathered

Photo: Top, panel painting complete

Photo: Starboard side, high

Photo: Stand showing mounting pins installed

Photo: All ships mounted in dim lighting

Photo: Head on

Photo: Belly of the Falcon

Photo: Transport underside

Photo: Perspective showing Transport belly

Photo: Falcon's headlamps lit

Photo: Engine grill of Falcon lit

Photo: Transport engines lit

Photo: Head on, closer

Photo: Overall display, above

Photo: Falcon, engine again

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