Battlestar: Galactica - SOLD! - $83.00

This is a custom, scratch-built model of the original series Battlestar: Galactica. Measuring: 19"(L) X 8.5"(W) X 3"(H). THIS ITEM IS NOT A KIT... It was constructed out of a strong card stock material. The original patterns are photos of Jim Creveling's famous six foot studio replica superimposed onto C.A.D. geometrics. The results: amazing. This has got to be one of the most accurate renderings of this type that I have ever built. It seemed only fitting to light this impressive masterpiece. There are 14 LEDs and 6 lamps feeding over 50 fiber optic strands to light the engines, landing bays and the 50+ ports. The lighting runs on a 3V DC source, (included). It also comes with a custom display stand with power switch. This really nice desktop display ended up selling on eBay for $83.00 plus shipping. My son, Zach also built a Pegusus.

Photo: Port, Overall

Photo: Starboard, Angle

Photo: High, from Astern

Photo: Beauty Shot

Photo: Port Bow, Closeup

Photo: Port Side, Closeup

Photo: Engines Lit

Photo: Bottom

Photo: Under Construction

Photo: Engine Guts

Photo: Lighting Test

Photo: Closer Shot

Photo: Landing Bay Alpha, Lit

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