Babylon 5 Station

This is a model of the Babylon 5 Space Station from the television series of the same name. It was built from the Revell kit, pretty much straight out of the box, with the exception of the supports from the stand were removed and the model was suspended with wire from the back of a wooden plaque with the stand logo mounted to it. I used Model Master Metalizer stainless steel for the overall color. I also added some custom decals in addition to the kit decals.

Photo: Base / Plaque

Photo: Parts with greeblies added

Photo: Top side and base

Photo: Plaque, completed

Photo: Again, at angle

Photo: Completed display

Photo: Again, lower

Photo: In space, overall

Photo: Forward sections

Photo: Overall, different lighting

Photo: Fusion reactor

Photo: Forward, different lighting

Photo: Top, overall

Photo: Bottom, overall

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