1/144th Scale Space Shuttle Discovery - SOLD! - $445.00

"Bring my shuttle". This is a 1/144th scale model of the Space Shuttle Discovery with SRBs and External Fuel Tank, built pretty much, right out of the box from the Revell kit. I decided to add brass wire manifolds to the kit's main engine bells for a little more detail and accuracy. Also added two aft RCS thrusters next to the existing ones. I used a combination of the kit decals, some online patterns and some custom decals for the heat tiles and various panels and texture. I also made a custom base / stand commemorating the Shuttle Program.

Photo: Major assemblies

Photo: Modified engine bells

Photo: Mods complete

Photo: EFT done

Photo: Tank with SRBs

Photo: Orbiter bottom

Photo: Stack, from rear

Photo: Base stand

Photo: Top, overall

Photo: Right side, overall

Photo: Ready for launch

Photo: Bottom side, overall

Photo: Left side, overall

Photo: Top again

Photo: Left side, closeup

Photo: Right side, closeup

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