Multi-Scale Star Wars Millennium Falcon & X-Wing Decal Patterns - Price $1.99 for the hi-resolution image (NOT PRINTED DECALS)

These are a set of 4 images allowing you to better detail the interior of any Falcon model up to 1/72nd scale. The set includes the cockpit panel decals, gun well interiors, a generic corridor pattern, and three different engine grill configurations for fully lit, dimly lit and engine off, which are more for the smaller kits. I also redesigned the 1/72nd scale X-Wing decals in Photoshop. Power converter intakes were added for the smaller scale craft. They will fit the 1/288th scale X-Wings from the MPC Hoth Rebel Base set or any other scale up to 1/72nd. The images shown here are a high resolution sample and the decals applied to three 1/288th scale completed models. You will receive, via e-mail, (5) high-resolution files that may be printed on clear decal paper.

5 JPG files - $1.99, No tax, free shipping.

Sample: Falcon cockpit panels

Sample: Falcon engine grills

Sample: Falcon gun well interiors

Sample: Falcon interior corridor

Sample: 1/288th scale X-Wing decals

Photo: Decals applied to X-wings

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