1/16th Scale UH-1N USAF Special Operations Decal Patterns - Price $1.99 for both hi-resolution images

I created these decals in AutoCAD and added color in Photoshop. They are designed for a 1/16th scale R/C Bell UH-1N, USAF Special Operations huey, but the basic ensignia and instrument panels can be used for most USAF, ANG or Reserve Bell 212/412 aircraft. The images shown here are low-resolution thumbnails. You will receive, via e-mail, both high resolution files that may be printed on decal sheets for any scale up to 1/16th.

Price - $1.99, no tax, free shipping.

Free Download: Hamilton Standard Logo (hi-res)

Free Download: United States Flag (hi-res)

Link: Article showing decals applied to completed model.

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