Command Bridge Decal Patterns - Price $3.29 for the hi-resolution images (NOT PRINTED DECALS)

These are a set of 12 images allowing you to hyper detail the interior of AMT's USS Enterprise Command Bridge kit, but the resolution is high enough for any other command bridge model up to 1/6th scale. The set includes all eight station panel decals (6 work stations and 2 substations allowing a full 360 degree layout), three different main viewer image options, a total of twenty station viewer options (8 large and 12 small), under station and overhead lighting panel grills, all helm, navigation panels with astrogator, command chair panels, all other wall panel, alert condition lights, and dedication plaque. You will receive, via e-mail, (12) high-resolution files that may be printed on clear and white decal paper. You will also receive (2) bonus images, a general instruction page with lots of great tips for making and applying custom decals, plus (9) free station layout plans and station configuration map.

12 JPG files - $3.29, No tax, free shipping.

Sample: High-resolution composite sample

Sample: Full-resolution misc. panels sample

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