NX-01 Aztec Decal Patterns - Price $1.79 for the hi-resolution file

I modified these decals in AutoCAD and Photoshop. They are designed to fit on a 1/2500th scale model, but may be used on any scale up to 1/1400th. The bottom photo shows the decals applied to a 1/2500th scale model. It was first stripped, lightly sanded and then a single coat of gloss silver was applied. A brownish tempura paint wash was applied and then rubbed off, followed by a coat of Pledge with Future Shine (very thin acrylic clear coat). The decals sections were small enough to be dipped in the same clear coat, and then a final matte clear was applied. The sample shown here is a low resolution thumb-nail. You will receive, via e-mail, the high-resolution file that may be printed on clear decal paper.

JPG file - $1.79, No tax, free shipping.

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