1/8th Scale Cessna 182 Skylane - SOLD! - $250.00

My oldest son and I recently purchased two identical Airfield, 1/8th scale Cessna 182 Skylane R/C trainers from Nitroplanes.com. They fly great! Since they were identical, we had to personalize them a bit. These are some photos of the various stages. I also added landing and navigation lights. The original spinner was lost when I crashed on approach, so it was replaced with a nice aluminum one. Flaps were added as well as various antennas, a pitot tube, exhaust and a mock nose gear suspension arm. They are very tough models, and very crash-survivable aircraft. My plane "Sweet Sveta" is named after my lovely wife.

Photo: Original factory appearance

Photo: Different angle, original sceme

Photo: Second color sceme

Photo: Sweet Sveta, (before first mishap)

Photo: Overall, with flash

Photo: No flash

Photo: Current sceme, (after first crash)

Photo: Nose gear, exhaust and lower fuselage details

Photo: Different angle

Photo: Overall, with flash

Photo: Running lights

Photo: Landing lights

Photo: Navigation beacons, throttle @ 5%

Photo: Overall, after mods

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