1/65th Scale Canadian Schooner - Bluenose III

This project was originally started by my dad several years back. It is a 1/65th scale, plank-on-frame model of the Bluenose from the Billing Boats kit. There is little to no reference material on the original ship which gained fame by winning several races in the 1920's, but was later destroyed on a reef in the Caribbean Sea in the 1940's after operating as a tramp schooner, so I decided to take some artistic license and build her as "Bluenose III". She has some of the same elements as the original, but some of the additional deck equipment and details were taken from reference pictures from Bluenose II. These photos catalog the various stages of construction. I scratch built the rudder and added two props and shafts. The original anchor winch fitting was modified into a more modern winch. I decided to use the original boats, covering one set and detailing the inside of the second set. Davit poles for the anchors were also scratch-built. Resin copies were made of the original vent and several pipe vents of varying sizes were also added. I scratch built a Zodiac emergency flotation raft, and a few resin copies were made. Custom decals for these, the draft markers, name plates and stand logo were made and are available on the For Sale page. Some old 1/72nd scale U.S. Navy, stainless steel stantions were used for the railing. The custom hardwood base was adorned with a couple of Canadian dimes featuring the original ship along with the flag and logo decals. A display shelf was also custom built for the model which is now decorating our bedroom wall. Very interesting and challenging project, and a beautiful sailing vessel.

Photo: Inherited condition

Photo: Faux frame pieces added

Photo: Planking done, kit stand built

Photo: Closer shot of ribs

Photo: Polyester resin coat

Photo: Sanded smooth

Photo: Scratch built rudder

Photo: Hull painted and decaled

Photo: From astern, (later re-did the decal)

Photo: Deck cabins installed

Photo: Name plate decal, (first attempt)

Photo: Starting on boats, vents, etc.

Photo: Deck equipment finished

Photo: Boats in place

Photo: Masts, check fit

Photo: Shelf finished

Photo: Anchors and davits installed

Photo: Masts, installed

Photo: Standing rigging done

Photo: Sails started

Photo: Adding railing

Photo: Port side, overall

Photo: Foredeck, starboard

Photo: Again, port side

Photo: Midship, port

Photo: Again, starboard side

Photo: Main mast details

Photo: Main cabin, port side

Photo: Stand details

Photo: Main cabin, starboard side

Photo: Port angle with stand

Photo: Aft details, starboard

Photo: Again, port side

Photo: Port, high angle

Photo: Again, starboard

Photo: Bow details

Photo: Stern angle

Photo: Again, slightly higher

Photo: Starboard side, overall

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