2.4 GHz R/C, 6 Channel, U.S.A.F. UH-1N Twin Huey For Sale - SOLD! - $650.00

This project is taking an Exceed R/C Blue Ray, 450 sized sport helicopter and converting it to a scale ship. I decided to make mine a USAF Special Operations bird. One of the tricks with this project was keeping everything as light as possible as I accurized the fiberglass fuselage. I used rigid insulating foam for the cockpit and intakes. The pilot is a 1/18th scale action figure. I drew up some custom decals in AutoCad, and finished them in Photoshop.

Photo: Pieces, parts

Photo: Chassis, modified and flight tested

Photo: Cockpit interior, completed

Photo: Ready for chassis

Photo: Again, different angle

Photo: Ready for camo and weathering

Photo: Again, different angle

Photo: Completed, starboard side

Photo: Nose, from above

Photo: Top side

Photo: Port side

Photo: Bottom

Photo: Nose on

Photo: Power applied

Photo: 25% RPM, no flash

Photo: Ghostly rotor blades

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