1/96th Scale U.S.S. Ford FFG-54 - SOLD! - $3,350

For everything, there is a first time… This is my scratch-built, 1/96th scale, radio controlled, Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigate U.S.S. Ford, FFG-54. This big girl certainly falls under the heading of a Sirius Replica. Construction began in late 2002, and she was virtually done in early 2005. I think it took me longer than the full scale version (of course, this was working off-and-on). I started with frame and basswood panel hull, and then applied 3 coats of polyester resin. The superstructure is balsawood and basswood laminated over with thin polystyrene plastic. I scratch-built masters of some of the small detail parts and then resin cast them; a first for me. The only things that are not made from scratch are the railing stanchions, (a first and last time for me, threading all that wire was tedious, so I’ll be using pre-formed railing in the future), and the 1/100th scale, (close enough), SH-60 Seahawk helicopter was a kit from MRC Kangnam. She is completly RTR. The photos below illustrate the various stages of construction.

March 2, 2017 update:

Photo: Ready to Roll!

Photo: Sveta, Me & FFG-54

Photo: Behind Glass

Photo: Sveta, Me & FFG-54

Link: U.S.S. Ford is now on display at the Hangar Bay Cafe and Gallerylocated near Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonvile, FL.

Photo: Early Construction

Photo: Baby on Board

Photo: Adding Detail

Photo: Ready for Paint

Photo: Closer Shot

Photo: Navy R.I.B.

Photo: Starboard Angle

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Flight Deck

Photo: Boat Deck

Photo: Forward Superstructure

Photo: Tower Details


Photo: Port side

Photo: Starboard side

Photo: Starboard bow angle

Photo: Starboard, flight deck

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Bridge

Photo: Boat deck

Photo: Mast details

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Flight deck

Photo: Starboard, flight deck

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Mast details

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Port side, higher

Photo: On the Pond, Bow On

Photo: Port Side, Anchored

Photo: Underway!

Photo: Serenity

Photo: Nice Silhouette

Photo: Heading Out

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